Why London?

When we talk about “seeing your future from here”, first we think at a high level. No astral projection to just above the Tower Bridge. It’s more pragmatic. It’s about starting strategically, even if you’ve engaged us to do a simple project. We’ll ask about business objectives. We’ll get into the heads of your intended audience to make sure they understand how to engage and are enticed to do business with you rather than your competition. We’ll assess your brand and dream up ways to strengthen and extend it through all aspects of your communication.

Now the London reference is personal and professional.

I had the good fortune of spending my high school years in London. It was where my interest in art and design took hold. I had a fantastic art teacher there and had the freedom to walk, bus and take the underground each day as I discovered different parts of the city. Staring at the map as I plotted how to get to my next adventure.

London Underground MapThe simplified map of the London underground subway system affectionally called “the Tube” was designed by Harry Beck, an electrical draftsman, in 1931. The map’s design has remained relatively unchanged after all these years and has become the de facto standard visual approach for a complex mapped system. I include it as a model of the conceptual clarity evident in excellent user experience design. Users benefit greatly from having a mental model to orient themselves and find their way through interactive, screen-based information. The map gives users at-a-glance understanding of how to navigate London on the Tube.

London Underground logo symbolThe London Underground is a classic example of a long lasting, well executed brand. The symbol uses such a simple form and colors, that can be easily seen from a distance amidst the visual clutter of the cityscape. It remains strong to this day. The posters and marketing campaigns appropriately change style and creative approach with the current aesthetic, the symbol has needed no update.


So while we have our studio’s home base in Seattle, Washington, USA, we love seeking out examples of excellent design world-wide and designing for international clients when we can.

CREDITS: Street photo by Shutterstock  & Map Map photo by Shutterstock