In a world of the same-old, we make your brand shine.

What a remarkable trip it’s been.

In 1998, I opened Laura Urban Perry Design with a focus on brand development, websites and user experience design. This was a natural step in a long career in corporate creative, software interface design, and publishing:

  • As the art director of the Seattle Weekly, I created vibrant, compelling editorial design that consistently drew high readership. It was a great collaboration with writers, illustrators and photographers.
  • As creative director at Adobe Systems, I managed a team of creatives, production, and technical staff, managing international brand identity and creating clear, consistent interfaces.
  • I have taught international workshops on digital design, corporate identity, and have taught web design to great students at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle.
  • At Grist, I rebranded and redesigned this environmental news website resulting in increased visibility (and a Webby– the international award honoring excellence on the Internet).
  • At Singingfish, I rebranded this audio/video search engine’s UI – both app and website design – to appeal to a far broader audience. At the time was the only AOL property to win a Webby.

Today, we create memorable brands, compelling sales tools, and streamlined interfaces for web sites, applications, and software. We make complex things simple and simple things truly remarkable.